three siblings are about to be four {The Woodlands, TX, family photographer}

Exciting, exciting! I met these three kiddos this weekend, and they have a little brother on the way! Their beautiful momma wanted to capture some pictures of her sweet belly and all of the siblings before he’s here. About a jillion years ago, I thought we’d have four kids–two girls and two boys, of course, so I’m super excited for them.

I haven’t posted a black and white image on a preview in a while, and I just fell in love with this one as soon as I snapped it in the camera. I remember thinking it would be perfect in black and white just because of the precious little way this beauty was holding her hair, in that sweet way only a 4-year-old baby girl with a bow in her hair can. But, she’s not going to be the baby for long. Momma, can you believe your baby is about to be a big sister?
the woodlands family photographer

Ok, hello–how much do I love this? Are you kidding me with this personality? He was taking some great smiling pictures, and then I said, “Ok, now don’t smile,” and this is what he gave me. Love!the woodlands family photographer

I was getting lots of different combinations of the kids, and I asked sweet baby girl to tickle her big sister, and they were both so cute. the woodlands family photographerThank you for such a fun morning, sweet family. I’m so glad we waited for the rain and cold to pass so we could have fun in this beautiful weather; it couldn’t have been more perfect. I am wondering, did the kids ever get in the pool?! I’ll have the rest ready for you soon.

Love, Andrea

Families, if you’re looking for a crazy photographer lady to chase your kiddos around, give me a call or email to book a session. or 508.768.5808

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  1. Julie says:

    These are just wonderful, thank you so much! And yes, they did get in the pool (but not for long)!!

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