Tomball time with two-year-old blonde baby girl {The Woodlands/Tomball family photographer}

This fabulous family and I finally spent a chilly Saturday morning together after–how many times did we have to reschedule? This crazy Texas weather seemed to act up every time we were scheduled. It turned out to be a good thing, because this lovely momma is expecting baby #2 and still has a small baby belly, so it gave her a little more time to grow. I put my foot in my mouth and totally (but accidentally!) insulted her about her belly (I made a very lame attempt at a joke about, because of my giganto second baby, if I don’t stand up straight, I look like I’m the pregnant one.) Anyway, she’s gorgeous and has the teeniest of baby bumps, so it was good that we waited a little longer. People (meaning me), just be smart. Really. Everyone just stick to the plan of never mentioning a woman’s pregnant belly, no matter how cute it is, and all will be right with the universe.

So, I’m now in love with this soon-to-be big sister. My goodness. She has the sweetest little voice and is smack dab in the middle of my favorite talking stage when it’s so fun for me to try to translate toddler speak. How cute is this giggle?

the woodlands tomball family lifestyle photographer

Sometimes I’ll suggest the parents swing the baby around or have Dad throw her in the air (partially because 2-year-olds don’t exactly sit still…ever, so it’s one way to get parents and baby in the same frame for 2.3 seconds); every once in a while, one or both parents look at me like I’ve lost my mind for suggesting such cruel and unusual punishment, but these two are ready for the second kid, so they were cool with it. What was the name you had for this game? At our house, it’s called TMITASHI (“throw me in the air, say hi”). For any nervous grandparents reading this, don’t worry, she was having a blast. Totally safe.

the woodlands tomball family lifestyle photographer How could I show this picture without mentioning my own little blondie? I sure miss my baby’s curls; here’s a post about that haircut from my family blog for those of you insomniacs out there who need one more thing to read. I love all of this one. One day you’re going to blink, and baby #2 will be this age, and this baby girl will be all grown up. Make sure you write down those baby words before they’re gone!

the woodlands tomball family lifestyle photographer

Love, Andrea

P.S., Hey, party people, it’s gonna sound nuts, but I’m already almost fully booked for January. If you need me to come accidentally insult your lovely family, give me a call. :) 508.768.5808

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