back to the beginning {The Woodlands/Houston area family photographer}

Here’s the rub: how in the world am I going to make this blog post 300+ words without sounding even cheesier than usual?

Sidebar: All of the SEO (search engine optimization) experts say that a blog post must have at least three hundred words in order for Google to recognize it as a good post (See what I did there? Writing out search engine optimization? It’s probably a teeny tiny bit like cheating the system, but at least I haven’t resorted to using very, very, very, very cute to describe a photo…yet.).

So, here’s the deal with this Thanksgiving family shoot. There are the parents, their four adult kids and spouses, and the eleven grandkids. How could I ever decide what to show in the preview? I have shot lots of the kiddos lots of times in the past, so it would be like picking your favorite of all these cuties. Although, let’s get real, everyone knows it’s Lucy.

Hang on, moms of other cute kids. In my defense, she’s the baby, so she wins. Every time I started to pick which pics to show in the preview, I just couldn’t decide, so I figured let’s go back to the beginning, where it all started. And now I’m back to the point of where my ultra-cheesy, romantic side comes out.

Get ready.

Their grandparent names are Big Daddy and Honey. Really. Number one, all-time winners of grandparent names. You’d better trademark these, because I fully intend to steal them in 25ish years or so. Anyway, I just can’t help but feel how cool it must be to see all of your grown kids with their own amazing families. When I was at H and Big D’s house on Thanksgiving, for the first time–maybe ever–I thought to myself that maybe we should have had more than two babies. How cool would it be to have such a big, fun family running around? And look, after all that, they still like each other. Sounds good to me. the woodlands tx family lifestyle holiday photographerP.S., dear Universe, this DOES NOT mean I would like to have any more babies–just so we’re clear. Thanks for such a fun time, everyone. I had a blast. I’ll have the rest ready for you as soon as I can. I know someone out there is anxious, because I’ve had 78 views from five people today. :)

Love, Andrea

JANUARY UPDATE: I just found out today that these two are high school sweethearts. Okay, okay. You win. Best couple ever!

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