first-year anniversary pics with loads of after-sunset color {Old Town Spring, TX, photographer}

Ah, deep in the heart of Texas, I’m loving this cooler weather–but there’s no need for it to get any colder, in my little cold-person opinion. You’ll never ever hear me complain about the heat in the summers here, because I barely made it through 10 years of cold temperatures in NC, CO, DC, and MA. I came to Texas for the heat! Anyway, I do love the lovely colors and clothes and snuggling the cooler weather brings, though. Check out these cuties celebrating their first wedding anniversary today! I told them they came to the right place, because we all know I am the cheesiest of cheesy-pies when it comes to mushy stuff. the woodlands tx photographer old town spring

Are you loving these colors? That’s the magic of the sun setting just beyond the trees. You really have a smaller-than-five-minute window to get the perfect pics at the point, but that’s pretty easy with no dogs or babies or toddlers running around. I’m sure they got sick of me commenting about how easy they were, because I’m so used to chasing little people–it was lovely to have non-kid adult conversation for a change! We talked about travelling and jobs and where they got married. Haha, I can’t remember the last time I asked a mom and dad about where they got married. the woodlands tx photographer old town spring

What’s an anniversary without a closeup of the hands?the woodlands tx photographer old town springOk, I just realized that all three of these are of holding hands. Whoops. I promise I have lots of variety; I just liked these a lot. For the previews, I always seem to pick my favorites–not necessarily what I know will be my clients’ favorites. Also, I usually like to save the money shots for their galleries.

Alright, kids (I do realize I’m not THAT much older than you, but boy if I don’t feel like an old lady–it’s 36, I think. It’s the whole “I’m closer to 40 than I am to 30” thing.), thanks for a lovely evening in Old Town Spring. I hope you had a wonderful anniversary weekend. Here’s to decades more to come. :)

Love, Andrea

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2 Responses to first-year anniversary pics with loads of after-sunset color {Old Town Spring, TX, photographer}

  1. Kristi says:

    Color really was great. Young love. Fall sweaters. Outdoor walk holding hands. Swooning. Another excellent job Andrea!

  2. Leslie says:

    These are great Andrea!! Thanks for everything!! We had fun! Can’t wait to see the rest.

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