last year’s minis and this year’s teenagers {The Woodlands, TX, family photographer}

I was looking for the post from this family from last year to link here, but I couldn’t find it anywhere and thought (perhaps for real this time) that I might be losing my mind. But, I finally remembered that we did a mini-session last year, and I rarely post any pics from those on here. I try to save them for the big Christmas card reveal. But, now that I think about it, the chance that a family member of my client would be randomly looking on my blog and ruin the Christmas card surprise is probably never, ever going to happen. I don’t be gettin’ too much visitin’ on my blog, y’all–Facebook is where all the traffic is. Anyhow, I loved their pics so much from last  year, so I thought I’d share. And, I can’t get over how little these two look compared to this year.  mini sessions ad

So, fast forward a year and these two are practically teenagers. Are you loving this smile?the woodlands spring tx family photographer So pretty and so sweet. I love that she brought her little stuffed animal with her. This is a good reminder that she’s not so teenager-y yet.  the woodlands spring tx family photographer Oh, how I love this sweet family. Aren’t they the cutest…and so well dressed. ;) This beautiful momma might be the loveliest lady I know. If I didn’t think she would for real come to my house and give me an old fashioned butt whooping, I would post pictures of her in the most fabulous dress ever to prove it. And, my son is deep into believing that I’m secretly a super HERO (when I’m actually a not-so-secret super NERD), and he’d probably be disappointed to see that dream shattered. the woodlands spring tx family photographerAlright, my peeps. Thanks for spending the prettiest morning in The Woodlands with me. I will have the rest ready for you soon!

Love, Andrea

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