sweet baby sisters {The Woodlands, TX, family photographer}

What are your favorite milestones? Which are the ones you most look forward to? For me, it was always sitting up. I just loved it when my babies could sit up on the floor like real people. I always felt so rude just putting them down on their backs like little bugs with their legs in the air. Next, my favorite was talking. I certainly have gazillions of pictures of my littles, but I don’t have nearly enough video. I wish I had taken more videos of their cute little baby voices. My daughter only has a few little words left that I haven’t corrected yet. “Smarshmellow” is my favorite, but her baby voice is totally gone. My son still has his little baby voice, but he’s slowly mastering all of his words. I really need to get on the ball and take some more videos. Finally, the last milestone I looked the most forward to was the day when my babies would love to play with each other and become friends. There’s not much better than seeing your children holding hands and loving each other. Too bad Birdie had to start kindergarten this year, because she and Winston became best friends over the summer.

Anyway, this is why this first image from my photo shoot this weekend is so sweet. I love the girls holding hands and being so sweet to each other. It’s so tricky to get sibling pictures, especially at this age. I don’t have all that many of my own together, because it’s a little like chasing chickens at times–hard to get them both in the same shot. the woodlands and spring tx family and child natural light photographer

Aren’t you loving how these girls are dressed and styled? It makes sense because they belong to perhaps the prettiest momma I’ve met in real life. the woodlands and spring tx family and child natural light photographer I bought and painted this cute high chair last year before bluebonnet sessions. I thought it would be adorable in the middle of a field of bluebonnets. I ended up not even using it, so I was excited to bring it for this baby girl. She hasn’t been walking for all that long, so you know that means she’s on the move all the time. Photo tip: high chairs and baby swings are great ways to hold squirmy babies (somewhat) still for pics. PS, I’m dying over these bottom teeth. Love.the woodlands and spring tx family and child natural light photographerI hope you love these, momma! I’ll have the rest ready for you soon.

Love, Andrea

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1 Response to sweet baby sisters {The Woodlands, TX, family photographer}

  1. Toby Rolf says:

    sooo cute Andrea!!! Your clients have such cute style too – all these kids and parents are always dressed so stylin!!! I need help in the wardrobe department next time!!!

    I seriously have looked at my photos so many times. Your compositions are so lovely!! :-)

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