maternity family session at sunset on The Waterway {The Woodlands, TX, family photographer}

I’m so proud of moms who have their acts together enough to not drop the ball with their second kids. Yes, guilty over here. I, fortunately, have a handful of nice maternity pics from my second pregnancy, because the day before he was born, we went to a park and Grandma was in town, so I brought my camera. By the way, he was three days late, so that almost didn’t happen Then, for his newborn pictures, I have an even smaller handful of pics, because I never scheduled the time to shoot them. Oh, well. We’ll send him to a better college or something to make up. ;)

So, this handsome young man is about to be a big brother, and his ever-so-thoughtful (and much better than we are) parents decided to get some family maternity pics. I know, I know. Everyone wants the smiley pictures, but I just couldn’t believe how handsome and grown up he looks in this one. So dapper.
the woodlands tx family photographer

This one is my personal favorite. You know I’m a sucker for the loving momma-daddy moments. Throw in some cute cheeks, eyeballs, and spiked hair resting so sweetly on daddy’s head, and I’m in love. Added extra bonus? Crazy, excessive sun flare.the woodlands tx family photographer

Alright, beautiful momma-to-be, this is a little window into life with a second baby. In my experience, that’s when Daddy and the older sibling become best buds. You and little dude have probably been super close for the last two years while he was still a baby. But, it’s time for the new baby to be in your arms while you watch Daddy and Big Brother hang out. It’s simultaneously beautiful and bittersweet. Don’t worry. It’s gonna be awesome.

the woodlands tx family photographer

Thanks for a great afternoon. I think we were really lucky with the weather and temperature and lighting and sweet boy. I can’t wait to show you the rest of your beautiful pictures!

Love, Andrea

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