6-year-old pretty girl at sunset in Galveston {The Woodlands, TX, family and beach photographer}

Sometimes it’s really hard to balance what my clients want and what I like. This first shot is a perfect example. I love the colors and the light in her hair and her little you-just-woke-me-up-from-a-nap-and-now-you’re-in-my-face crankiness. In her defense, we had just woken her up (sorry, kid, the light doesn’t wait for anyone), and I was in her face. But, I know this beautiful girl and her family well, and I just couldn’t resist trying to make her laugh (before she was ready) and snapping one of  her surrounded in all this beauty. I really love capturing the moment. I have big pictures hanging up on my walls of my kids not being perfect and not looking at the camera and not smiling. But, I love to remember the moment we were in. At the same time, I totally get that this would not be a picture a normal person would hang up in the house, but I love it and just had to share it.
the woodlands tx family and lifestyle photographer in galveston

Here she is about 2 minutes later. Friends again. Total amazing gorgeousness.the woodlands tx family and lifestyle photographer in galveston

Um, hello perfect model. Moms, I’m telling you. A little snack and a sip of juice (a few hilarious antics from me…uh, obviously; this is why I’m good at my job–kids are the only ones who find me funny) and your kid will be a natural. This beauty is a very skilled dancer, so I asked her if she could show me any of her leaping skills. She did not disappoint.
the woodlands tx family and lifestyle photographer in galveston So, I’m pretty jealous of this picture. I love it. It’s so fitting for this sweet family, too.the woodlands tx family and lifestyle photographer in galvestonThank you for sharing this lovely evening with me, sweet family. I don’t think the light–or my subjects–could have been any more beautiful. I’ll have the rest ready for you soon.

Love, Andrea

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