Burroughs Park brother and sister {The Woodlands, TX, family photographer}

It’s always so hard to decide which images to pick to put up on the previews. I know families don’t usually choose ones like these to buy or hang up on the walls, but these are always my favorites. You’re supposed to show what you like to do, right? I love trying to make the kiddos laugh and be silly.

I usually suggest to my clients to hang up the pictures that make them smile and make them happy when they walk by them in their homes. These are the sorts of pictures that make me smile. I asked big sister to make some funny faces to make little brother laugh. Adorable.

the woodlands tx child and family photographer My goodness. The things I adore about this picture: hand holding, sweet smiles, beautiful clothing, Spanish moss, pretty late afternoon light.the woodlands tx child and family photographer What a beautiful grown up girl. Pictures like these are always bittersweet to me. Doesn’t she look like such a lovely sweet girl? Not a baby anymore. the woodlands tx child and family photographer


Don’t worry, Momma. I’ve got lots of family options for you, but I wanted to show these cutie pies for the preview. I’m so glad we got so lucky with the temperature and lighting and no bugs and happy kids. I hope you had a great time and enjoyed exploring a new park. (Families and photographers, Burroughs Park is great for pictures and for playing. There’s lots of shade and pretty scenery and lots of play areas.) I’ll have the rest of your pretty gallery ready soon. :)

Love, Andrea


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