sleepy newborn baby boy in daddy’s tie {The Woodlands, TX, newborn photographer}

Whew. I’ve managed to survive long enough to upload this preview. So, my poor babies were sick a few weeks ago. One night, my sweet daughter felt awful with a high fever, and I told her I wished I could take away her pain and give it to myself, because it’s a momma’s job to take her baby’s pain away. Wish granted!! I’m in the middle of a sinus infection turned ear infection (going on day 14), and it is rough. Back to my point…Sweet family, I’m sorry for the crazy whispering and weirdo voice and anything else a little wacko I may have said because I’m a little out of it, but I really did enjoy my Sunday morning with you and this precious man. What a sweetheart.

Don’t you love him in his daddy’s tie? That was his sweet momma’s idea. :)the woodlands tx newborn photographer I think this one is my favorite. He’s so small and quiet and delicate on their sofa. I can already imagine him as a rough and tough 18-month-old boy jumping in that same spot. the woodlands tx newborn photographer Here’s his aviator pose. Can you believe they are ever so little? He was so sweet and snuggly. When I’m feeling like a human being again, can I come snuggle him again for real? the woodlands tx newborn photographer

Thanks for a quiet and peaceful morning. I hope it was easy for you. Your babies are so precious–speaking of, I have lots of big sister pics to show you. I guess I am feeling nostalgic for my own baby boy, so I wanted to show ones of just your little dude.

I hope you are enjoying life with two kiddos! I’ll have the rest ready for you soon.

Love, Andrea


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1 Response to sleepy newborn baby boy in daddy’s tie {The Woodlands, TX, newborn photographer}

  1. Kristi Brockman says:

    Can one die from too much cuteness? Eeeeek! A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!

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