10-month-old baby girl in the bluebonnets {The Woodlands, TX, family photographer}

Are you a bluebonnet hunter? If so, a great–and little known–spot is the Conroe library. It’s a perfect little patch of bluebonnets if you’re looking for great pictures. Of course, if you’re on the hunt for a bigger prize, you’ll have to go west for an hour or so. This crazy-adorable face belongs to a little girl with parents from Alaska. She was born prematurely, so I met her through the work I do with Preemie Prints. I know I kept saying, “You’re so cute” over and over to her, but I just couldn’t help myself. She was kind of in love with the camera, and it clearly loved her back. the woodlands tx family photographe preemie prints the woodlands tx family photographe preemie printsMom and dad, I know you want her to be proud of her Alaskan roots, but she’s a baby girl in bluebonnets wearing cowgirl boots. It just doesn’t get any more Texas than that. Watch out. Her first word just might be “y’all,” if y’all aren’t careful. :)the woodlands tx family photographe preemie printsThank you, sweet family, for a great afternoon. Your baby girl is absolutely precious, and the love you have for her was so obvious and sweet to see. I’ll have the rest ready for you soon. Love, Andrea

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