6 months and sitting up in the bluebonnets {The Woodlands, TX, family photographer}

Look who’s sitting up! Do you remember this sweet girl from her 3-month shoot? Woo hoo, she can sit up on her own now. That was always my favorite baby milestone. Before that, I always felt like I’d put mine down on the floor like little bugs stuck with their legs in the air. It just seemed rude to me. Have I mentioned this before? Sorry. I’m gonna have to get some new material, I think. My daughter told me tonight (she’s always asking to hear stories from when she was a baby): “No, Momma. I meant can I get a new story? You always tell me that one.”

So, this peanut is a big girl now; it seems like we were doing her maternity and newborn pics just the other day. She’s the one in her pretty momma’s belly in my new header picture.
the woodlands tx lifestyle family photographerThree amazing kiddos. As I was driving home from this shoot, I was thinking it’s so cool how you have girl-boy-girl. Did you plan that? :)
the woodlands tx lifestyle family photographer Oh, these two characters. What cuties. Big sister is in that perfect posey age and can give a genuine, perfect smile on demand like nobody’s business. And little dude is in that I-will-tolerate-you-for-two-more-seconds-and-then-I’ve-had-it-with-you-lady stage. At the end of the shoot, he said, “I’m all done,” and got up and ran off. Love it. the woodlands tx lifestyle family photographerHow did you like Memorial Park? I love that it has a little bit of everything. It was great to see you and your adorable family as always. I’m pretty sure your kids are going to start calling me Aunt Andrea pretty soon. Miss S and I are pretty much BFFs now. I’ll have your full gallery ready soon!

Love, Andrea


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