four sweet sisters in the sunset light {The Woodlands, TX, family photographer}

You may recognize this gorgeous girl from her picture in my new header. Hers was one of my very favorite pictures from last year. I’ve actually done a maternity and newborn shoot with this amazing family through a non-profit organization I volunteer with: Preemie Prints. I was supposed to wait until they uploaded the family’s previews onto their own website, but they still haven’t done it…so maybe you’ll see those posted here soon. Anyway, the bluebonnets were out and it was time for an updated family picture now that the baby girl is out and about.

Such a lovely big sister. She asked me for this picture in particular, so I wanted to put in on the preview for her to see. I hope you like it, pretty girl!the woodlands tx family and child photographer Here’s the newest addition to their family of girls. Their sweet momma was cracking her up and making her laugh. I love the little touch of pink on her eyelids (my baby girl had that for the longest). And I’m in love with her hair. the woodlands tx family and child photographer Ok, so this first one is just a view into my true photography nerdiness. I love shots like this. #2 here was excited to show me these delicate tiny pink blossoms she found, since she was under strict orders to not pluck any bluebonnets. the woodlands tx family and child photographerI loved this sweet moment between the middle gals. They were reading books and cracking each other up, and I thought it was so lovely. And it makes me smile.
the woodlands tx family and child photographerSweet family, I had a great afternoon with you in the flowers. Your girls are just the best. Seriously, if all kids were as good and as sweet and as fun as yours, every mom would have 4 kids. :)

Love, Andrea

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