Rob Fleming Park bluebonnet siblings {The Woodlands, TX, family photographer}

I know I sound redundant when I talk about how I am never used to children who sit and do what I ask them to do, but I’m not! Most of my kid clients are newborns to 5-ish, and sitting still and following directions and looking at the camera is just not high on their priority list at that time in life (which I really do love and is a lot of fun for me). So, when these three were perfect and I was done with all of their portraits in–seriously–about 5 minutes, their pretty momma went and got the crazy dog. Whew. I can feel normal again. They warned me that Liberty is only a year-and-a-half old and could get a little wild and crazy. But look! Even she sat and posed like a model.

What a picture-perfect little family. Momma, you’ll need to put this one up in the house, so when they are fighting, you can have a reminder of a peaceful moment of sibling love.
the woodlands tx family photographer So, I kind of love this one. This adorable middle brother was so sweet and happy to sit for pictures for me, but I don’t think he was really having much fun. After the shoot was done, we walked to the playground, and he climbed up on this rock, and excitedly said, “Hey, look! We could do one up here!” He did this adorable pose and was finally having some fun. And, I kind of love how you can see the hint of his cool sneaker. Yeah, yeah, he put on the fancy clothes for his mom like a good son, but you can still get a hint of his cool-dude personality from a little bit of his shoe. Love it. the woodlands tx family photographer Sweet siblings. I really try to get different pairings of all the kids and parents, too. Sometimes it’s easy to just lump all of the kids or all of the family together, but they all have different relationships with each other, and I try to honor that. This baby girl seemed to adore this big brother, and I hope this is a picture she will look back on and love. the woodlands tx family photographerWhat a fun morning I had with you! I hope your kiddos had a good time, too. I think we got lucky with the sun coming out and hiding at all the right times, and I’ve got lots of lovely ones for you. Thanks so much!

Love, Andrea


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