big brother and baby sister in Old Town Spring {The Woodlands, TX, family/child photographer}

I met one of my favorite families in Old Town Spring last weekend. Ok, I actually met four families in Old Town Spring during my marathon shooting. But, we are great friends with this family–our oldest kids are friends. I just adore watching them talk to each other, having real conversations, because I can remember when they were only babies together. I can hardly believe they are four and we now have two more babies between us.

How handsome is this dude? He is AWESOME at taking pics.

the woodlands/spring tx family photographerI love how happy your kids are all the time. Do you see this baby girl’s blurred hand? That’s because she was dancing up a storm and having a blast.the woodlands/spring tx childrens photographerPretty momma, aren’t you glad we did these last weekend? The temperature and light were perfect. This weekend is going to be cold and nasty and would have taken all of our beautiful leaves away…or at least made them wet and soggy and no fun to play in. the woodlands/spring tx childrens photographerShe really started cracking up once we started playing in the leaves.the woodlands/spring tx childrens photographer


Thanks for being such a fun (and beautiful!) family. I love seeing y’all. I’ll have the rest ready for you soon–with lots of family pictures to pick from for your cards.

Love, Andrea

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4 Responses to big brother and baby sister in Old Town Spring {The Woodlands, TX, family/child photographer}

  1. Jessica Hansen says:

    You did a great job Andrea! What amazing pictures of my niece and nephew and I love how you took the extra time to do this write-up. Happy Holidays! Auntie Jessie

  2. Mary Welborn says:

    These are precious photos of my great niece and nephew, I love how you capture the moment, Beautiful work Andrea, can’t wait to see them all

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