Galveston is my home away from home {The Woodlands, TX, lifestyle and family photographer}

Oh, remind me again why I don’t live at the beach…. Sheesh, there are so many pretty images from the session, I don’t know how I’ll ever narrow it down. Then, how will this lovely momma ever decide what to hang on her walls? the woodlands tx family beach photographerThe weather was a little sketchy all day, with rain showers on and off. When it was time for the shoot, the clouds rolled in, but we got lucky with some blue sky in the back and just a hint of pink sunset colors. I try to show clients pictures that I’d want of my own family. I sure wish I had this one of us with our baby girl when she was this age. Also, this was this sweet baby’s first time to ever see the ocean. I’d say she likes it.the woodlands tx family beach photographer
I’m kind of in love with these cheeks.the woodlands tx family beach photographer


Thank you for a lovely afternoon on the beach. I had a wonderful time chasing that precious girl around, and I can’t wait to show you all of your beautiful pictures.

Love, Andrea

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