newborn baby brother {The Woodlands, TX, newborn/family photographer}

I had the joy of seeing this beautiful momma and meeting her baby boy for the first time this past weekend. I totally love this little moment between them. It really reminds me of my all-time favorite momma and baby picture. I try to give clients the kinds of pictures I’d want for myself, and this is one I wish I had. I hope you love this, momma. And you couldn’t be more lovely. :)the woodlands tx newborn photographer

the woodlands tx newborn photographerthe woodlands tx newborn photographerSo, I normally wouldn’t put a picture like this on a preview, but I totally love it. It’s the epitome of why I love working with kids. I was trying to get a picture of the boys together, and big brother–true to 2-year-old-boy behavior–just wanted to play. So, I was asking him questions, trying to coax him into getting into the shot. “Tell me about your little brother. Do you give him kisses? Do you like to touch his little fingers? Do you talk to him?” That wasn’t working, and he turned his back to me. “Will you touch his head?” And he did. Dad and I cracked up.

the woodlands tx newborn photographer

Thank you, sweet family. I hope you love these, and I’ll have the rest ready for you in 2 weeks.

Love, Andrea

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