a walk down Market St {The Woodlands, TX, family photographer}

One of my favorite parts of The Woodlands is Market Street. If you’ve never been, it’s adorable. I met this family there on Saturday for a lovely–although sweltering hot–afternoon together. Their 13-month-old baby girl was ADORABLE. She loved the camera, and the camera loved her in return.

This might be my favorite from the session. She is oh-so-cute, but I just love how happy mom and dad are laughing behind her, watching their baby.
the woodlands market street family photographerDon’t you love sweet family moments like this?
the woodlands market street family photographerWhat a precious girl. She was such a fabulous model. This is why I always let the babies dictate the start time for the photo shoots. She wasn’t hungry or tired or cranky–she was just her happy self. She’s just started walking, so the talking comes next. I think she was about to tell me that she wanted to come home with me in this one. :)the woodlands market street family photographer

Thank you for a great afternoon, and I’ll have the rest ready for you soon!

Love, Andrea

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