beautiful bride “trash the dress” shoot in Galveston, TX {The Woodlands, TX, lifestyle photographer}

So, do you want to know how to make beautiful pictures? It starts with a genuinely happy and giddy smile like this! How gorgeous is this girl?! I think I must have told her she was beautiful about 100 times. My lovely videographer friend Kristi Brockman, of Brockstar Videos, and I did a joint shoot together. She shot the video for this lady while I took still shots. The three of us had so much fun, and we joked about how we felt like we were on some fancy magazine shoot on a tropical island…shhh…it was just Galveston.
the woodlands tx wedding dress photographerThis was my first-ever “trash the dress” shoot. I loved it! It made me want to run home and get my wedding dress dirty in the sand and water–and call up all of my other brides to do the same. Gorgeous smile+beautiful skin+the beach at the golden hour=perfection.the woodlands tx wedding dress photographerMy lovely bride, I’m pretty sure you had as much fun as I did. I hope you love these! And, how cool do you look with the surfboard? Not to rush you into having babies, but you should totally decorate your future nursery in a surf theme, just so you can hang that picture in there. I can already picture the newborn shoot with your little bundle sleeping on a surfboard…ok, I’ll stop myself. :) Thanks so much for a fun day!

Love, Andrea

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3 Responses to beautiful bride “trash the dress” shoot in Galveston, TX {The Woodlands, TX, lifestyle photographer}

  1. Kristi Brockman says:

    Well done Andrea!!!!



  3. andreabacle says:

    Thanks, ladies. I had a blast!

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