two and a half months and almost two years old {The Woodlands, TX, lifestyle & family photographer}

It’s hard to believe there’s ever a time in our lives when we measure age by weeks and half months, but this little nugget is two-and-a-half months old and couldn’t be any sweeter. It’s pretty hard getting a baby this young to smile on camera, but look at this sweet little smile! Her eyes are obviously gorgeous, but I’m kind of in love with her hair. It’s so new, and I’m sure still has that perfect new-baby smell–I did manage to resist the temptation to sniff her head. This was my first shoot with this gorgeous family, and I didn’t want them to know I’m a complete baby-holic, crazy lady yet. the woodlands tx family photography

Now, the big sister. The toddler. Toddlers have to be my favorite age to shoot. I just love following them around and watching them explore, especially when they’re first learning to talk. Little things like sticks and flowers make them so excited, and they very often have very serious looks on their faces, because they’re so engrossed in discovery. I’m just in love with this picture. The eyelashes, the baby lips, the sun flare. Adorable.

the woodlands tx family photographyI have to give a shout out to this sweet daddy. He started his Father’s Day with a photo shoot in the humidity and already-hot sun. Haha, I hope you were treated to a trip to Home Depot or a manly steakhouse later in the day to balance things out!

the woodlands tx family photography

There aren’t many sweeter things than a momma whispering sweet things to her sleepy, new baby. What a beautiful pair these two make. I’m so glad having two is going so smoothly for you. Maybe you can give me some pointers!
the woodlands tx family photographyThank you for a lovely Sunday morning in The Woodlands. You are all so photogenic–I can’t wait to show you the rest!

Love, Andrea

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