baby girl is one and big brother is toothless {The Woodlands, TX, family photographer}

You must remember this little peanut from her newborn shoot with me. My goodness, she is just as sweet and pretty as ever. I didn’t remember that I’d made a comment about her eyelashes from her newborn session in this post, but it’s funny because I always tease her lovely momma about curling this girl’s eyelashes every time I see her. They are perfection.

Their momma had a cute idea about having big brother pulling her in an old wagon, and I knew just the right spot. I found an old wagon literally 15 minutes before I left for the shoot (I had a brand, spankin’ new one as a backup), and despite gajillions of mosquitoes, the shoot was perfect. I think we got exactly what you were looking for.
the woodlands family photography the woodlands family photography the woodlands family photographyDo you see something missing up there? Yes! His first tooth is gone. I’m sorry, momma, but that’s the once-and-for-all, he’s-not-a-baby-anymore baby picture you’ll have of your boy. Btw, Birdie is very concerned about him being able to crunch his food. :)

It’s lovely to see you and your family, as always. Enjoy these, and I’ll talk to you soon!

Love, Andrea


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