40 and fabulous. Exclamation point. {The Woodlands, TX, lifestyle and event photographer}

I was so lucky to shoot a super-fun birthday party at The Woodlands Resort this past weekend. Yes, I was working, but I really did have lots of fun. This gorgeous momma celebrated her 40th birthday and danced the night away with all of her friends.

An official Woodlands Resort room sign–so fancy!
the woodlands tx lifestyle and event photographerSo here’s the oh-so-fabulous birthday girl. Yikes! What a knockout. I love this one that I snagged over the top of the photo booth. By the way, if you’re ever throwing a party, definitely rent a photo booth. They are so stinkin’ fun!the woodlands tx lifestyle and event photographer Those are some sexy shoes, hot momma!the woodlands tx lifestyle and event photographerOh, just admit it…you’re now thinking about planning your own 40th birthday party.the woodlands tx lifestyle and event photographer And, nothing says fabulous like a wardrobe change. I don’t know which dress I liked more. You looked so fantastic in both. the woodlands tx lifestyle and event photographerI’ve worked lots of weddings, of course, but I guess I just realized this was the first non-kid birthday party I’ve shot. This music was WAY better. :)

I had lots of fun being your paparazzi and following you around all night, and it’s possible that I was even shaking my booty just a little in the corner. Thanks again for a great time, and I can’t wait to show you the rest!

Love, Andrea

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