Burroughs Park family photo session {The Woodlands, TX, family photographer}

You may remember this little munchkin from last year’s bluebonnet pictures or from their family shoot I did when she was still so little. Look at her now! She’s practically a grown woman.

I’m usually pretty good at toddler speak, and I think what she was saying in the first one was, “Now, if you’ll just follow me, I will show you exactly what ducks I’m talking about. Just trust me on this one, guys.” And the next one was, “See? What did I tell you? I told you they’d be here. Aren’t they cute?” She was pretty excited about the ducks at the pond. I could be wrong, though. Maybe it’s more like, “Ugh, this chick again? Seriously. Didn’t we just take pictures, like, a year ago?”

01 susan

I love this family photo. I guess, ideally for some people, she’d be sitting all perfect and smiling, but I always prefer the real life to “perfect” family poses. Unlike my two 30-pounders, this little bit doesn’t want to be held all the time. She wants to run and explore and she doesn’t have time to stop and take a picture; I just love that about her. Now if you would please let her down, Dad, she has some swings to tend to.

02 susan Now that is one gorgeous smile. Love!03 susanAfter a Saturday photoshoot, I post the preview around 3 days later, which usually means it’s up before I go to bed on Tuesday. Yes, one day I will be lucky enough to go to sleep before midnight…a stay-at-home mom/small business owner can dream.

Enjoy these, pretty momma, and I’ll be in touch soon. Thanks!

Love, Andrea

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