a kiss for you from our Boston baby

I feel like I can’t move forward until I comment on yesterday’s tragedy in Boston. It’s so far away, but it feels close to home. We spent almost three years in Boston and Massachusetts working and going to school. The first time we visited Boston happened to be on Patriot’s Day. We drove by Fenway during the game and saw all the signs for the marathon–it’s strange, because I just happened to be wearing my Red Sox shirt yesterday when I heard the news. And, of course, we’ll always have a connection, because our most precious baby girl was born there. At times like this, sometimes it feels frivolous to keep going about my day posting pictures when so many have suffered so much. The only thing I know to do is to try to literally protect my two little ones with my hugs. My heart is heavy as we collectively move forward, but I hope my photos can bring joy to families as they hold their own babies a little tighter today. 

Here’s a sweet, comforting kiss from our Boston girl to try to make you smile. Sending lots of love out to the world today.

the woodlands tx lifestyle photographerLove, Andrea


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