Happy Spring–the bluebonnets are here! {The Woodlands, TX, family photographer}

Do you remember this baby boy from his newborn shoot? I’m sure you don’t recognize him, because he’s practically a man already! He is lucky enough to have three lovely sisters, and we all spent a morning of perfect weather together at Mercer this week.

There are many, many reasons why I love living in Texas, and near the top of my list has to be the bluebonnets. Beautiful!the woodlands spring tx family photographer What sweet girls. I’m sure taking pictures for me wasn’t their idea of the most fun way to spend a morning of their spring break. But, they were so sweet and even kind enough to laugh at my super lame jokes (instead of rolling their eyes). Thanks, ladies. :)the woodlands spring tx family photographerThank you, sweet kiddos, for a fun shoot!
the woodlands spring tx family photographerMomma, I’ll have the rest ready for you soon! It was wonderful to see you, as always. You have a lovely family, and there are lots of good ones of all of you. I didn’t post any just in case you want to save those for Christmas cards. Thanks again.

Love, Andrea


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1 Response to Happy Spring–the bluebonnets are here! {The Woodlands, TX, family photographer}

  1. Claudia a nd John says:

    Everyone is growing so much, we would have never guessed Justin would have such a large good looking family , we are so happy for Him, especially happy that you Reagan are a part of it!!!

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