Geyserville, California, sunset wedding in the vineyards {The Woodlands, TX, lifestyle photographer}

I had the wonderful honor of shooting a wedding in Geyserville, CA, recently. The bride and groom are great friends, and I was truly honored that they asked me to be their wedding photographer. It was a big trip for me personally and professionally. Personally, I’ve never been so far away from my kiddos, and it’s been several years since I’ve had so much time to myself away from my everyday life. I was able to relax, catch up on lots of work, read a non-work-related/non-mom-related book for the first time in years, and had lots of fun. I didn’t get any sleep, because I was fighting a sinus infection, but I wasn’t getting kicked in the ribs all night by one of my children, so I’ll take it.

Professionally, I’m so proud of my little business and how far I’ve come in two years.

I walked around the Geyserville Inn the afternoon before the ceremony to scout out the light and the timing and lovely vineyards. I’m so glad I did, because it rained almost the entire next day. It finally cleared up about an hour before the wedding–it was really chilly, but the light was gorgeous.  

Okay, she seriously looks like an advertisement for a wedding dress. That, or the model for the old fashioned cake toppers. What a beautiful woman.

This is one of my very favorites. I always feel so spoiled, because I get to spend the few minutes immediately after the ceremony talking with the bride and groom. They are always so genuinely happy and have the most sincere smiles and are always just glowing love. This truck is super cool. I think the owners of the inn must keep it there purely for photo opportunities. 

Some VIPs couldn’t be at the wedding in person, so they were there via modern technology. Pretty cool.

Here’s one more to hold you over until I get the entire gallery finished. You two look so happy and young and beautiful. Thanks again for sharing your day with me. I really did have a great time!And, of course, I hope you have the happiest of ever afters. :)

Love, Andrea

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