beautiful family of four at sunset, Burroughs Park, Tomball, TX {The Woodlands, TX, family photographer}

I sure love this picture of this pretty family–lots of love here. I still love it even though this little man has a bit of a cranky face. Actually, I think I love it because of that. To me, that’s what’s fun about being a kid. It’s like my daughter who wears her full princess regalia to Target, tiara and all. I couldn’t really get away with it at 34, but at 3, she pulls it off.

Also, in this little dude’s defense, he had fallen asleep in the car on the way to the shoot–I probably wouldn’t be in the mood for pictures either!the woodlands spring tx family photographerAh, here’s the sweet boy I was looking for. He warmed up to me pretty quickly, and we had lots of fun chasing squirrels. the woodlands spring tx family photographerI’m always on a mission to get a great shot of my own daughter and son, so I’m particularly partial to this one. I think this is one of those photos that they’d love to look back on when they are grown and have their own kids who play together. the woodlands spring tx family photographerThis sweet girl was waiting patiently for our shoot to officially start, so I was talking to her about her lovely dress and shoes. I asked her to fluff up her dress a little, so I could get a candid shot of her. What a sweetheart. She looks so angelic.

the woodlands spring tx family photographerThanks, sweet family, for being flexible and coming a little early–I gave this pretty momma a call and asked her to come 30 minutes early so we could get that divine light. I think it worked out perfectly! These were taken at Burroughs Park in Tomball, Texas. I think this might be my new favorite spot to shoot. It has a beautiful pond and ducks and playground equipment and lots of pretty wooded areas. I hope you had fun on your shoot, and I’ll let you know as soon as they’re all ready. Thanks!

Love, Andrea


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