a lovely couple have their first photo shoot {Spring/The Woodlands, TX, portrait photographer}

After 29 years of marriage, this lovely couple decided to have their first official photo session. And, as you might imagine, they were just a little shy about having their pictures taken, so I thought this first image would be a sweet way to ease your way into their preview, the same way we eased into the shoot together. After people reach about 4 years old, it’s often difficult to get candid shots. We teach our kids to “cheese” so early, that we’re all trained to plaster smiles on our faces as soon as we see the camera. However, those candids are the most real and often my favorites. (Here’s a little anecdote about me: I used to work at Chuck E. Cheese’s in high school; when I was dressed up as Chuck, I’d often realize that I would be smiling for pictures while inside the costume–talk about brain washed!) Anyway, it took a few minutes, but I got these two to settle in and relax and they let me get some non-posey pics. I hope you love them!

the woodlands tx lifestyle and family photographerthe woodlands tx lifestyle and family photographer

the woodlands tx lifestyle and family photographer

This couple was obviously in love and were holding hands throughout our shoot, so I wanted to make sure I got a closeup of their hands. So romantic and sweet. the woodlands tx lifestyle and family photographer

These were all taken at Mercer Botanic Gardens on Aldine-Westfield in Spring, Texas. They do such a beautiful job of always rotating flowers and plants, so you’ll never be let down if you go there for pictures.

Thank you for a lovely hour together on a beautiful day in a gorgeous place. As much as I love running around after little ones, it was a welcome peaceful hour of walking around talking and looking at flowers. You are such a lovely couple, and I can’t wait to hear what you’ve planned for your 30th anniversary. :)

Love, Andrea


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