two beautiful baby brothers {The Woodlands, TX, lifestyle photographer}

Alright, so 3 years old and 1 and a half aren’t exactly babies anymore, but as the mother of two the same ages, I’m happy to call them babies for a little while longer. It’s amazing how it can be simultaneously wonderful and terrible that our babies grow so quickly.

So, these two little men gave me quite a workout! I loved chasing them all over trying to capture those beautiful eyes. Aren’t these the prettiest hazel eyes you’ve ever seen? And those adorable baby cheeks? This cutie pie baby boy is such a sweetheart and gave me so many sweet hugs when I left. the woodlands tx family and child photographer

This little dude is super cool, and he was a great helper trying to get his little brother to giggle and laugh and smile for me. His beautiful momma is planning on hanging up some huge square pieces of their sweet faces in their house–I’ve got several you’re going to love–so I was inspired to put some square crops on the preview. I’ve got lots where’s he’s looking at the camera and smiling, but I always love the more candid shots like these.
the woodlands tx family and child photographer

I get asked all the time about what families should wear for their photo shoots, and (for my personal taste) this is a perfect example. The colors all coordinate and the patterns give a lot of interest to the picture. Great choice, momma! There’s nothing wrong with coordinated neutrals, if that’s what you love. But, if you’ve ever seen my house of many colors (At last count I had twelve different colors painted on the walls. Really.), you will know that I’ll always suggest lots of color and patterns.
the woodlands tx family and child photographer

Thanks for the super fun evening of pumpkins, cupcakes, chasing bubbles, and running around. I’ll have the rest of these gorgeous boys ready soon.

Love, Andrea

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