sunny morning at Mercer {Spring/The Woodlands, TX, family photographer}

You may remember these beautiful babies from the little man’s 3-month milestone session. He’s six months old and is as happy and smiley and cute as ever! All three of these blondies are just stinkin’ adorable and as sweet as can be. The light was lovely and the temperature was perfect for fall photos. I have so many great photos for you, momma–I don’t know how I’ll ever manage to narrow it down! 
spring tx lifestyle family photographer

For those of you who have more than one baby, you know how hard it is to make sure each little one has individual photos taken. This sweet momma is making sure this little guy gets lots of pics–here he is hitting his next milestone: sitting up! Personally, this is my very favorite milestone. Haha…I always felt like I was being rude to my poor babies when I’d just plop them on their backs on the floor like little bugs who can’t turn over. It’s the beginning of independence. And how cute is this kid? Seriously, who doesn’t love a smiley baby?!
spring tx lifestyle family photographer

Well, my goodness…what a beautiful family. So, here’s the thing. I find myself saying over and over how beautiful all my clients are. I’m worried that it’s going to 1. start to feel insincere (I promise it’s not–I love my clients!) and 2. seem like physical beauty is so important. I really am one of those nerdy nerds who believes that inner beauty is so much more important, so please know that I don’t use the term “beautiful” carelessly. When I say it, I mean these are special people, inside and out. I may only spend an hour at a time with my clients, but it’s always quickly evident where there’s lots of love, and there’s lots here.spring tx lifestyle family photographer

Thanks for a fun morning, sweet family. I can’t wait to show you the rest.

Love, Andrea

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