sweet baby girl is one year old! {The Woodlands, TX, lifestyle photographer}

You probably remember this beautiful baby girl and her big sister. Little one is back for her first birthday! Time is just flying by me as I watch all of these babies grow.

Momma, I know you’ll want this one cropped in around her face, but I just love how cute she is standing there in her jeans, so I thought I’d leave it uncropped for your preview. Can you believe she’s walking now?! This was the first picture I took in this series. She was interested in the camera for about .5 seconds and then she was off to explore. Ahh, I remember back in the easy days when we could just plop her down on the floor and snap away. :)
the woodlands tx lifestyle family photographerI love, love her hat and matching dress. Adorable!the woodlands tx lifestyle family photographerThis one is my favorite from the entire session. If I could insert my son’s face, it would hanging up on my wall. It’s one of those where I want to make my kids stand in the same spot, so I can have my own version of the same picture. By the way, I have actually tried recreating my favorite shoots with my own children. Failure. This is why you hire other people to shoot your own kids!the woodlands tx lifestyle family photographerPrecious baby girls. Now that little bit is starting to walk, I’m sure they are really going to start to play together and become best friends. Sweethearts.the woodlands tx lifestyle family photographer

I do have lots of cute pics from A’s cake smash, and I’ll probably end up posting another preview post with some of those, but I’ve made you wait long enough, so I wanted to get these up for you. See you at the birthday girl’s party!

Love, Andrea

P.S. For anyone out there wanting holiday pictures, I only have a few full sessions available for the year. I’ll post my mini-session date for former clients in a few days. Thanks!

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