a little Tuesday Tomball photography for you {The Woodlands, TX, lifestyle and family photographer}

We scheduled our shoot for early evening, but that darn Texas sun was still a little intense, so we did several shots inside. Aren’t you just loving the sun drench on this one? It was coming in so beautifully through their front glass doors. Of course, I also love it because it’s such a pretty mother and son shot. Don’t they look so sweet together? It just makes me want to scoop up my own baby boy, because I know he won’t be so little for long. And, this one’s even sweeter, because I know they are both looking over and smiling at Dad. Love it.

the woodlands lifestyle family photographerThis crazy 5-year-old was showing me his killer karate moves, and totally cracking us all up. He was getting ready to show off his kicks right here. the woodlands lifestyle family photographerI asked this little dude to show me his cool room, and I snagged this sweet moment of him reading to himself. The giant brown and black nose in the foreground is his favorite character: Scooby Doo. It’s bigger than he is.the woodlands lifestyle family photographerMy attention is always focused on the kids when I’m doing a shoot, so I usually follow their lead with what they want to do, in an attempt to keep them happy. This little man was happy, but he was pretty much over taking any more pictures, so I asked him if he thought it would be funny to play a game with me answering the door. He made some funny faces for me and had some fun (always my goal!). I think it turned out super cute, and it feels like a good description of this family: laid back and fun and happy.
the woodlands lifestyle family photographerDad mentioned that they had never taken a picture of the front of the house in the many years they had lived there, so I wanted to end the shoot with them walking back in towards their lovely home. The sun was on their backs and gave me some beautiful color. the woodlands lifestyle family photographerThank you for a fun shoot. I should have the rest of your gallery ready soon. I’m looking forward to meeting the big kids when they’re back in town from school. :)

Love, Andrea


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