newborn baby girl and boy {The Woodlands, TX, lifestyle photographer}

Ok, so I have to admit that when I took this photo, I had a little flicker of a tear in my eye. I don’t know what it is, but ever since I’ve had children, I get emotional over everything, and it tries to make its escape through my eyeballs. The Olympics “…to their moms, they’ll always be kids…” commercials? Yep. Totally got me. So, anyway, I didn’t tell them that they were making me all gushy and emotional, because they would have thought I was some sort of fruit loop crazy lady in their house, but if you don’t think this is true beauty, then I just don’t know what is.

lifestyle family photographer tomball txThese are the kinds of lifestyle images I love. I adore his cute expression, and I love that she’s looking right at my camera.

the woodlands tomball tx lifestyle family photographer

Arm on his shoulder and little kiss on her forehead? Seriously? Just go ahead and melt my heart.the woodlands tomball tx lifestyle family photographer

This is the one that really speaks to me personally. Of course, I have no clue what it’s like to have twins, but I can relate to having two babies. It’s the constant balance of comforting one while simultaneously showing the other one some love. Plus, I love that you can see some details of the house. Even if they move away from this home one day, Mom and Dad will always remember bringing their twins home to this house.the woodlands tx tomball family lifestyle photographerFinally, I wanted to make sure that I did some separate pictures to give them a little bit of individuality. Maybe this little dude will play football like his daddy, and we know that the little peanut down there is going to be a beauty like her momma. Is that teeny tiny bracelet the cutest thing ever? And just look at that smile. Gorgeous!newborn boy with ragin' cajun football the woodlands tomball tx photographer

the woodlands family and lifestyle photographer newborn girl with bracelet

I’m so, so happy for you two, and I can’t explain how honored I am to have spent time with you and your precious babies. It makes my heart happy to see such loving parents who love each other and their kids just as much. What a fabulous time you are about to have with those two little nuggets. And as always, happy sleeping! :)

Love, Andrea

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