beautiful family of four at sunset at Memorial Park in Houston {The Woodlands family photographer}

I had the pleasure of meeting this lovely family of four at Memorial Park in Houston this past weekend. We were so lucky with the weather–the light was beautiful and it wasn’t too hot because the skies cleared up right as we started shooting.

I think this is my favorite picture of the oldest sister, even though you can’t see her face. Before her parents know it, she’s going to be a young woman. I wonder how many more shots they’ll get of her where she still looks like a child, just playing and spinning around in the sun.

And I love the composition of this one. Do you have spots in your house where you would need a long and lean photo? I have so many areas in my home where I would put this. I guess I need to recreate this with my own twirling princess.the woodlands family photographerI usually show more close-up family shots than this, but the green scenery was so pretty from all the rain, and I just love how it frames the four of them.
the woodlands family photographerThis is my favorite shot of the younger sister. Isn’t she a doll? This age is often a little tricky to get candid shots, because our kids are trained to look at the camera and smile. Mom had a great idea to have the girls play on the bench, and I was able to get in and get some beautiful, and very authentic, smiles. the woodlands family photographerI love these two girls together. They really were as sweet as they look. the woodlands family photographerOkay, have I said this already? I think this one of my favorite of the bunch. I love the colors, and their smiles, and the way they are sitting close to each other. When I look at this I think about how they’ll one day show it to their own kids. the woodlands family photographerThank you for a wonderful afternoon. You couldn’t have been better models, sweet family. I can’t wait to show you the rest. Love, Andrea

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